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Sample Music Festival 2017

The SampleMusicFestival was a big success for the whole turntablism, finger drumming and controllerism movement. Over three days we had nearly 1000 guests from 15 different countries who joined the workshops, lectures and showcases. Beside music theory, the annual symposium was expanded by lectures regarding music psychology and sociology. The finger drumming competition on Saturday evening was one of the highlights of the event. Participants from UK, Poland, France, Hungary, Italy and Germany fought hard to be the winner. A bunch of great workshops on Sunday gave valuable insights of using todays music technology on a professional and artistic level. We are already hatching plans for the event in 2018 and it would be great to see you again. Congratz to the winners of the two competitions which took place during the event. Finger Drumming competition #1 Guvi (Italy) #2 Steve Nash (Poland) #3 Pedro La Kraken (France). BattleAvenue Cut2Skratch #1 SyMatic (UK) #2 Damian Chmielix (Poland). 


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Instrumental work with samples is an integral part of today's music culture. What was once the guitar or drums is now, for many, the turntable or midi controller today. The Sample Music Festival is the first international venue for turntablists, finger drummers and beat producers which takes place annually in Berlin. It is a platform to exchange expert knowledge and discussion, high quality live performance and trade to get pieces of information on the developments in the individual areas.


Making music by means of sampling will be made more transparent and looked at from a theoretical standpoint using lectures, discussions, workshops and performances by some of the leading sample music artists. 







The next event will take place parallel to IFA Berlin in the first week of September @ GRETCHEN. We have big plans in store for our community, so get connected and enjoy the development of an ultimately unique event concept. We offer our B2B clients concrete added value, work with various industries and have further big plans ahead of us. It would be great to cooperate with you again in 2018. Watch out for some news on this site!

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