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  • Location: CASSIOPEIA / Berlin
  • Date: 31.8 - 2.9 2018
  • Artists: Hannibal Flynt, Skratch Lordz, Kodac Visualz, LaTipik, Dada Scratch, MinT, Tim Kroker, Clockwerk, David Finger Haynes, DJ Robert Smith, DJ Swordz, Donna Maya, ARKAEI, Ableton User Group, Tony Beatbutcher, Jay De Large, Steve Nash, Beat Matazz, Rote Schule, BIMM Music College

For the very first time, we had the great honor of hosting the Sample Music Festival at CASSIOPEIA, the renowned urban art hub situated in the RAW area of Berlin. This vibrant, multicultural melting pot of art forms is the most iconic clubbing mile in the city, boasting several clubs, a flea market, a skater hall, and ateliers for artists. The location provided us with the perfect opportunity to run our program of musical exhibitions, competitions, jam sessions, and symposiums in separate rooms. To further advertise the festival program for the evening, DJ Robert Smith and Clockwerk performed at HHV, the most esteemed vinyl store in Berlin, in the afternoon.

At our annual symposium, we had presentations on live looping, syntablism and music production, as well as a panel on finger drumming featuring prominent figures of the scene such as David Finger Haynes, Tim Kroker, and Andy Mac from AKAI. The panel was a great success, with the audience being thoroughly engaged in the discussion and gaining valuable insights from the

experts. The festival's program featured also an informative discussion round on gender in the music scene, featuring a diverse panel of guests and artists. The participants discussed the challenges and opportunities faced by women and queer community in the music industry, and provided valuable insights into the current landscape.

As expected, we had a very successful second edition of the Finger Drumming World Championship, which was broadcast live and gained 8,000 views on Facebook. On the second floor, visitors were treated to amazing DJ sets by Hannibal Flynt, Akila Be Water, and L.Atipik from France, providing an unforgettable experience. Thanks to our cooperation with the BIMM music college, we also invited bands to contribute their art to the event, broadening our community to include traditional musicians.