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  • Location: Online
  • Date: June - August 2021
  • Artists: Mad Zach, DaVinci, + 72 artists from 16 different countries

Despite having to cancel our planned events in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Dubai as a result of the pandemic, we remained resilient and determined to still make a difference in our community. We decided to focus on our online activity and subsequently ran the Finger Drumming World Championship and the Clash of the Titans battle with the aid of our supportive community. This gave us hope during these uncertain times in the face of such an awful financial situation with an unknown future ahead.

To create an innovative approach to competitions, we drew inspiration from the iconic sounds of jazz. Participants were challenged to use samples from their favorite jazz artists to craft their own unique creations. This gave them a chance to flex their creativity and pay homage to their favorite jazz musicians.

Due to our collaboration with MELODICS, we set up the announcement of the top 8 players as part of a livestream which featured workshops on finger drumming and music production by the renowned artists Mad Zach and DaVincii. This was an occasion that offered viewers an amazing opportunity to gain insight into the artistry of these two titans of beat making.

Erik, our beloved scratch curator since the beginning, expertly moderated the livestreams of the scratch competition. ARKAEI, our head of technology at our events, brilliantly hosted the finger drumming world championship as expected. Thank you so much for your support during this challenging period.