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PRO Production


In the pursuit of delivering cutting-edge Technology and unmatched Performance, our Production team embodies a dynamic, collaborative spirit that thrives at every stage of our projects. We engage with our partners, fostering a multidisciplinary approach that not only streamlines the design and production process but also culminates in the creation of hybrid events that blend live and online experiences. Our approach is founded on a meticulous organisation, management, and a clear vision that minimises time and resource consumption for all stakeholders. The Production team takes the helm in clarifying intentions, negotiating solutions, establishing viewpoints, and defining goals that align with your objective. This strategic cohesion permeates every level of our organisation, including Technology, Performance, and Production, granting external collaborators the freedom to make crucial decisions when necessary. Our method is divided into 5 phases, each of which plays a pivotal role in realising our collective vision:

Initial Phase: This is where ideas take shape, internal dialogues flourish, project planning unfolds, and the groundwork for events space preparation is laid. We craft a concise project brief and conduct a reality check to set the stage for success.

Concept Phase: We dive deep into concept research, carefully select clients, and initiate the briefing and interpretation process. Feedback flows freely, leading to concept design and subsequent negotiations and approvals.

Design Phase: Schematic design takes centre stage, with a sharp focus on event space specifics. Our dedicated team fosters open lines of communication and if required product training, culminating in a comprehensive design presentation. This is followed by rigorous design reviews, leading to the final design that embodies our collective vision.

Production Phase: Engineering prowess comes into play, followed by meticulous offsite production and media development. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to programming and the final installation onsite.

Opening Phase: This is where the magic happens. Our team executes complete event production and installation with finesse, ensuring every detail is in place. Pre-opening briefings are organised, and any post-opening adjustments are swiftly addressed to ensure a flawless experience.

In essence, our dynamic and slick approach to production not only delivers technology and performance excellence but also fosters collaboration and innovation at every turn. With us, your vision becomes a reality, and your event transcends expectations.