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-Skip-Proof Scratch Tools— by Symatic & Moschops

  • Location: GRETCHEN / Berlin
  • Symposium: 2017
  • Event: Sample Music Festival
  • Topic: Turntablism

The Skip-Proof Scratch Tools series revolutionized the art of DJing by introducing the concept of looping audio. This idea eliminates the issue of needle skipping, thereby maintaining the same sound as the needle travels through each groove. With this new technology, DJs are provided with a never-ending scratch sound or beat, creating a unique yet consistent experience for their music. Popular among competition DJs, these records bring a unique style and flavor to the turntablist world. Their ability to provide a seamless looping sound has made the series an invaluable tool in the production of killer routines.

UK's esteemed scratch ambassadors Symatic and Moschops delved into the intricate history, theory, and technology behind creating next-level, skip-proof scratch records at Sample Music Festival 2017. They demonstrated how these are valuable assets to turntablists, used as reliable practice tools and allowing for an entirely new realm of improvisational performance. As these advances and developments, more and more powerful opportunities to create music emerge.

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