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DJONE Competition 10 July 2024

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DJONE The DMC Competition for Electronic Music

DJs have become like pop stars in the music industry, but are they real artists? Is a DJ controller actually an instrument, or just a playback tool? The Sample Music Festival will address these questions by hosting an electronic music DMC DJ championship for the first time.

DMC was founded in 1985 and soon established itself as the largest DJ organization in the world with headquarters in the UK, USA and branches in over 30 countries.

The DMC has been known for turntablism and hip hop battles, but now they're branching out with DJONE - the electronic music version in colaboration with our esteemed partners.

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Berlin Dance Music Event

Berlin Dance Music Event is a multi-day gathering for electronic music professionals. It offers an influential platform for the industry's new generation to be inspired and develop themselves.

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Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ is a brand of DJ products, including media players and DJ software controllers, turntables, DJ mixers, headphones, effects units, and loudspeakers.

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Ministry of Mixing

Ministry of Mixing is widely recognized as one of the most established and reputable DJ Schools in Berlin. With a longstanding history within the DJ community, Ministry of Mixing boasts a stellar reputation and track record in honing the skills of aspiring DJs.

A new chapter of DJing

Open to participants of all nationalities, this competition will be held on July 10th as one of the main events of the prestigious Sample Music Festival 2024 in Berlin. The event will take place at House of Music, the renowned creative hub for musicians located at the notorious RAW area.

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Mika Heggemann is highly regarded as the director of the Berlin Dance Music Event, and is recognized for his exceptional talent as a music producer. Known for his dynamic blend of electronic and dance music, he captivates audiences with his exhilarating sound.

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Tallah is a seasoned DJ and prominent figure in Berlin's electronic music scene. With 20+ years of experience, he has amassed a devoted fan base and performs to captivated crowds around the globe. He also runs a successful DJ school in Berlin.

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Renowned as the mastermind behind the iconic Loveparade in Berlin, Dr. Motte is an unparalleled figure in the world of electronic music. His contributions have solidified him as one of the most influential figures in the industry. We are thrilled to welcome him as a judge and panel participant for the DJONE competition on July 10th.

House of Music Wednesday 10 July, 2024

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