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Sample Music Festival

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The Summit For Technology & Street Culture

Sample Music Festival is Berlin’s annual gathering spot for an international audience of creatives driven to explore the limits of contemporary digital performance art and urban music culture.

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Since its inception in 2015, SMF has become one of the most anticipated community events worldwide and is currently branching out as a pop-up event to other countries.

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A Home For Creative Artists And Brands

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Our Mission - Sample Music Festival
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Our Mission To Create Awarness

Follow our journey to get digital performance recognized as legitimate musical art form! What was once the guitar or drums is now, for many, the turntable, DAW or midi controller today.

Through a diverse display of our talents at our events, we endeavor to elevate awareness and acknowledgment of our culture. This mission is carried out through our six foundational pillars:

Service Showcase - Sample Music Festival


Artists from around the world amaze audiences with awe-inspiring demonstrations of their mastery, utilizing innovative instruments in captivating live shows.

Service Education - Sample Music Festival


Our focus lies on education and understanding. We demystify technology, demonstrate its capabilities and accumulate knowledge.

Service Competition - Sample Music Festival


Through our world championships and online battles, we are encouraging the growth and evolution of the different musical art forms.

Service Exhibition - Sample Music Festival


As industry leaders showcase their impressive array of innovative products, visitors are invited to partake in a hands-on experience unlike any other.

Service Explore - Sample Music Festival


Discover the captivating and ever-evolving universe of our music culture that will undoubtedly be hailed as "classic" for centuries to come.

Service Community - Sample Music Festival


There's nothing quite like meeting people who share your passion, especially if that passion is an uncommon thing.

SMF has firmly established itself as the pinnacle summit of our music culture, drawing in audiences from far and wide. With successful events hosted in multiple cities, our ultimate goal is to transcend borders and showcase our movement on a global scale.

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There’s no place quite like Berlin, and no amount of carefully-crafted words will convey the experience. This multicultural melting pot of urban art forms and everything beyond has been the home of Sample Music Festival since its inception.

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Since 2019, we have been partners of Prolight + Sound - The Global Entertainment Technology Show for Light, Audio, Stage, Media, and Events. As part of this event we are hosting a 2,500 square meter exhibition area under the name of Performance + Production Hub.

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In partnership with Prolight+Sound Middle East we have reinvigorate the trade show experience for attendees and exhibitors by introducing our signature festival vibe to the arabic region.

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Unlock the full potential of your brand with our extensive network of creative specialists and consultants. At Sample Music Festival, we are dedicated experts who stay attuned to the ever-evolving demands and needs of diverse communities. Our innovative approach involves a range of activities, including showcases, workshops, and comprehensive services, all designed to seamlessly fuse creative exhibition concepts. Join us to harness the power of creativity and attract a broader audience to your brand.

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In 2019 we have established our own agency which offers a full customizable program of showcases, workshops and installations to emphasis brand experience for your marketing purposes.

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Brand Collaborations