Team Routine Competition

As an exciting new part of the intergalactic cultural exchange program, we are pleased to announce a team competition that will see two teams compete for the ultimate triumph. Whether you are a scratch DJ, skilled finger drummer, or talented violist, this is your opportunity to display your musical abilities as a duo or trio.


The competition will take place on July 14 at 5pm at the House of Music. Each team will have a 3-minute performance and the judges will select three teams to move on to the final round. An additional 3-minute showcase will be necessary for this round. Should there be a tie, the audience will be involved in the final decision.


There are no set rules for the format of the orchestra. However, please make sure to allow a maximum set-up time of 10 minutes to ensure the competition runs smoothly without lengthy technical installations.

Feel free to impress us with your performance style, musical genre, and skills. We appreciate spontaneous freestyle sessions with old or new friends - after all, it's all about having a blast!


To ensure a seamless competition, we have a maximum limit of 4 pieces of hardware. This includes all traditional instruments, MIDI & DJ controllers, turntables, and laptops. We will supply 2 x 6.3mm mono jack cables or 1 x RCA/chinch cable for you to connect your hardware to our mixer.

We can provide 1-2 turntables and a DJ mixer for use during the competition. Please use your own needles or cartridges.


The jury will consider the following criteria when making their decisions: musicality, interaction, timing, and creativity.






1th team: TBA

2th team: TBA

3th team: TBA


To finalize your registration, it is necessary to purchase a competition ticket from our shop. This ticket not only serves as confirmation of your participation, but also grants you exclusive access to all the events and activities at the festival. Enjoy the free workshops, evening events, and main venue where you can jam with fellow music enthusiasts, explore product exhibitions, and attend engaging Q&A sessions. This all-inclusive ticket ensures an unforgettable experience at the festival.

Please confirm your participation by sending a screenshot of the ticktet to


We have partnered up with a hostel which is nearby our venue. On the hostel website you can get 10% discount on shared rooms with our code FRIENDS. However, a credit card is required to book the rooms.

Alternatively, requests can be sent to Please mention in the mail that you are attending the Sample Music Festival.


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